"Take it out": Stanley Park bike lane opponents demand its prompt removal

Feb 8 2023, 11:43 pm

Opponents of the Stanley Park bike lane aren’t happy with how long it has taken to get rid of it and are planning a protest at the Vancouver Park Board offices next week.

A statement from the group Stanley Park for All suggests that what should have been a relatively simple plan has gotten out of hand.

“Stanley Park for All is very disappointed with the delay in implementing a relatively simple plan for the removal of the bike lane.”

According to the park board, the most recent estimated cost of removing the controversial temporary bike lane, occupying one of the two vehicle lanes along Stanley Park Drive, is approximately $400,000.

That is the estimate provided by Vancouver Park Board staff in an internal memo from December 15, following the direction of the ABC Vancouver majority of Park Board commissioners on December 5 to remove the bike lane as soon as possible and provide an update on the work before the holidays.

Stanley Park for All continues, “At all turns, the Park Board Commissioners have been met with roadblocks, excuses, and plans for delays. How difficult is it to put it back the way it was?”

The group says there’s no need for further study, but if there was, do it after removing the bike lane.

“Park Board Commissioners need to honour their pledge to the voters of Vancouver to restore the pre-COVID configuration.”

Stanley Park for All mentions that installing the bike lane was quick and efficient and that the same process needs to be used to get rid of the bike lane.

The group will be attending the Vancouver Park Board offices during a meeting on February 13.

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