Take the stairs on February 26 and do some good for BC's air

Dec 17 2016, 4:10 am

“Today’s the day I’ll take the stairs.”

Normally we say that on a Monday after we’ve spent a week taking the elevator to the office only to sit on the couch all weekend. But on February 26, that trip up will be a little different.

Climb the Wall: Stairclimb to Clean Air is an annual fundraiser put on by the BC Lung Association. For the 16th year in a row, the association is inviting athletes to take an energetic ascent upstairs to raise money and awareness for lung health research and clean air initiatives.

But the thing about these stairs? They go up 491 feet.

The Stairclimb will lead participants up the Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre Hotel. It has one of the longest continuous stairways in Vancouver – and this is the only time you’ll be able to run up it.

The event has two different ways to participate. You can register for the Stairclimb only, where you climb the stairs at your own pace. Or you can register for the Fight and Flight Challenge, which takes it to the next level.

The challenge will put you through a series of obstacles to test your strength, stamina, and lungs, which culminates into 48-storeys of intense climbing. When you register, you’ll get a shirt to wear to the gym, free group training sessions to get you into shape, as well as the Ultimate Fight and Flight Prep Workout to do on your own.

When you finish the workout, you’ll get a finisher’s medal and a post climb breakfast where you can watch everyone else tackling the stairs.

Registration for Fight and Flight, as well as the general Stairclimb, is open until event day, but the price increases on January 31. In addition to the registration fee, each participant needs to fundraise at least $125. All proceeds will go towards the BC Lung Association‘s ongoing initiatives to help people with lung disease.

For more information, visit Climb the Wall: Stairclimb for Clean Air on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Climb the Wall: Stairclimb for Clean Air

When: February 26
Where: Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre Hotel – 1088 Burrard Street
Price: Registration fees start at $30 until January 31. Register online until February 24, and in person on the day of

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