One humblebrag is all it takes for you to win an amazing friends trip from St-Rémy

Nov 21 2018, 6:35 pm

Remember that time you stayed out all night partying on the beach till sunrise? Or that time you spontaneously decided to go skydiving with your best friends?

Nothing beats reminiscing on the craziest memories you’ve had with your crew — and thanks to St-Rémy, you could win the weekend of a lifetime with your three best friends just by telling your story. Don’t hold back; humblebrags are allowed — just this once.

With their new What Good Friends Are Made Of contest, St-Rémy is reconnecting old friends and bringing back the definition of squad-goals — giving you the chance to win the weekend of your dreams with your closest friends.

St Remy

St Remy XO

Created in 1886, St-Rémy has quickly become the world’s favourite and most prestigious French brandy, with more than a century behind their historical brand. With a smooth, delicate flavour, their brandy is made exclusively from elegant varietal wines harvested from the most prestigious regions in France. With such an extensive brand history, nobody knows better than St-Rémy about the importance of loyalty, creating memorable moments, and genuine connections.

St Remy Brandy

St Remy XO

How to enter

If you are a Canadian and over the age of 19, visit before December 12, 2018 to share stories, pictures, and videos of your squad.

If you are selected as a finalist, you will take a trip to Toronto in January 2019 to attend an on-screen casting session with your friends, where, together with a glass of St-Rémy or two, you will reminisce on your wildest and fondest memories.

Your stories will then be shared across St-Rémy’s social media channels, where the public will vote on their favourite crew between January 21 and February 8, 2019.

The winning team will be sent by St-Rémy on the adventure of a lifetime, choosing from an array of destinations such as dog sledding in Quebec’s Saguenay Fjord, star-spotting in Hollywood California, parachute jumping and hiking in the Grand Canyon, Arizona, amongst other possibilities.

For more information visit — you have until December 12, 2018 to enter.

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