We want Sriracha to-go packets in Canada, too!

Dec 20 2017, 3:45 am

Condiment lovers in the U.S. have woken to the news today that everyone’s favourite hot sauce is now available in handy, rippable, to-go packages.

Universally adored (people are crazy for the stuff), Sriracha, also known as “rooster sauce,” is often the first thing reached for at the table when people want to give their meal an extra little kick.

Up until now, the Sriracha-obsessed could only get their hands on Huy Fong’s vibrant red sauce in large bottles, in addition to a novelty key chain. Now tiny packets of Sriracha will be available for purchase online.


The packets are being sold on the Sriracha2Go’s website at $14.99 USD for 50 and $34.99 USD for a stash of 200.

While this “change-your-life” news is huge for Sriracha addicts, Canadian fans will have to order the product and get it mailed to a U.S. address (if they have one), as the miniature packages are currently only being shipped within the United States.

If the States get to enjoy the convenience and tastiness of these tiny Sriracha-filled packages, then why can’t Canada?

DH Vancouver StaffDH Vancouver Staff

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