Square watermelons now available in Vancouver... for $200

Dec 19 2017, 7:16 pm

There is little doubt that the quintessential fruit during the summer months is the watermelon. It quenches thirst as a remedy to the heat with its anti-dehydration and anti-oxidant properties.

While watermelons are ultra cheap this time of year, Urban Fare locations in Metro Vancouver are now offering an alternative imported straight from Japan.

But before you dash out your door to buy one, each square watermelon is $199.99 before tax.

Considering that it is far out of the price range of most Vancouverites, store locations only have a handful in stock for those looking for a taste of the novelty.

In Japan, square watermelons are grown inside glass cases that measure approximately by one foot in both length and width. It is the part of the never ending Japanese search for innovation and efficiency, especially with the tight and cramped spaces of most Japanese homes.

Each watermelon is grown into a square so that they can easily fit the exact dimensions of the typical Japanese refrigerator. The process to grow the watermelons is meticulous and highly labour intensive, which explains their high cost – even in Japan.

However, its high price does not come with the assurance that it will taste good. In fact, square watermelons taste terrible as they do not reach the same level of maturity before being harvested.

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H/T: Vancouver Is Awesome | Featured Image: Kenneth Chan/Vancity Buzz

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