Stop sabotaging your summer jams with busted speakers - try Kanto instead

May 16 2018, 1:30 am

Summertime means summer parties, and summer parties require summer jams.

So if you’re having friends over for drinks and food, you’ll probably end up playing DJ as well. And while a killer playlist is absolutely required, even the best Kendrick-to-Ke$ha playlist can fail if it’s being blasted through some tinny, ancient speakers.

That bluetooth orb you won in an office raffle isn’t going to cut it; you need to elevate your speaker game to make sure your friends can truly feel your jams. Not only that, but your music deserves to be played in style.

That’s where the brand new SYD speaker system comes in. Designed by BC-based electronics company, Kanto, these speakers have the power to take any party from regrettable to unforgettable in seconds. Say hello to your new beat dropper.

The style

Looking for speakers that will seamlessly blend in with your interiors, or on your patio? These beauties have what you need. Made with a minimal, space-saving design, they’re elegant and contemporary. Plus, you can choose from four striking colours; off-black, off-white, burgundy, and pink.

Sweet sound waves

Trust us when we say that your friends will come for the party and stay for the music. The SYD speakers offer crisp sound and tones that make a playlist of everyone’s favourite tracks sound next-level. The speakers are even tilted at an optimum listening angle while they provide isolation from unwanted vibration.

“Our new SYD makes it easy to enjoy outstanding sound from an all-in-one speaker that fits into any listening room,” said Brett Smalley, Kanto marketing manager. “Don’t let its modest size fool you – a lot of serious engineering and listening went into making sure SYD delivers an involving musical experience, with clarity, detail, a natural tonal balance and expansive sound.”

The price

Okay, so given everything that we’ve just told you, you’re probably guesstimating a price range for the SYD speakers. These won’t break your budget at a reasonable $429.99 CAD via Kanto. Speakers like this are an investment in yourself, your home, and your ability to throw rad get-togethers for years to come.

Year-round usage

The SYD speakers aren’t just a summer party essential, you can use them at any time of the year for any occasion when you want the best beats. It only takes a moment to set up streaming via Bluetooth and they also come with a mini-jack, RCA inputs, a TOSLINK digital input to accommodate a TV or digital source, and a built-in switchable phono preamp so you can plug a turntable right into the SYD. That’s your home cinema, vinyl, and games nights sorted, too.

Shop for the SYD speaker system via Kanto now and prepare for a welcome change in your experience of quality listening. For more inspiration, check out Kanto on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram.

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