This Canadian company is raising money for charity with a space-inspired clothing line

Oct 5 2022, 4:18 pm

Digital marketing agency Major Tom recently launched a collection of creative t-shirts designed as an ode to Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield and legendary singer David Bowie.

Up until October 16, all sales from the aptly titled Space Oddities collection will go to the Canadian Red Cross — Hadfield’s chosen charity.

The company launched an experiential marketing campaign to promote the new collection on September 16, the same night that Hadfield himself performed with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra at The Orpheum.

The campaign culminated at the iconic performance, featuring digital billboards, freebies handed out by a faux astronaut, and a large projection on the side of The Orpheum throughout the evening.

What’s more, Major Tom also penned a tongue-in-cheek love letter to the astronaut, which was posted on their website — along with fun GIFs and stickers dedicated to Hadfield.

The experiential campaign was a success, with both Hadfield and the Canadian Red Cross taking to Twitter to thank Major Tom for their “delightful” efforts and to show appreciation for raising funds for the charity.


Major Tom’s Tin Can store saw a 391% increase in visitors during September compared to the previous month, as well as an average Tin Can order value of $71. 

The company has long credited Hadfield as its inspiration for its space-age aesthetic and its drive to make a positive impact with its work.  

The company’s name was even inspired by Hadfield’s iconic rendition of David Bowie’s Space Oddity, recorded in outer space onboard the International Space Station. At the time, the agency was looking for a name, and the team was inspired by the Canadian’s cosmic performance, as well as their love for Bowie, deciding to go with Major Tom.

“We’re big fans of Commander Hadfield and this was a great opportunity to celebrate a unique Canadian success story,”  said Lyn Bryan, CEO at Major Tom. “The chance to raise money for a great organization like the Canadian Red Cross was the cherry on top.” 

Anyone interested in checking out the innovative designs can browse them here. Proceeds from any Tin Can purchases before October 16 will go to the Canadian Red Cross.

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