South East False Creek aka Olympic Village

Dec 19 2017, 4:18 am

In 2007 city council adopted a plan for a new master community called South East False Creek (SEFC) or as Vancouverites like to refer to it Olympic Village (see our photos of the village up close here). However, the Olympic village is just phase one of what is to become a dynamic new community straddling the arbitrary borders of the East Van and the west side. Currently city council is reviewing an increase in height for certain buildings (see below for current height limitations).

Some interesting facts about SEFC:

  • The aim is to build a community where people live, work and play. Most goods and services are within walking distance and housing will be well served by transit (especially if the Streetcar network is implemented)
  • The development is between downtown and the Broadway corridor, thus about 300,000 jobs are within minutes from your house .
  • SEFC buildings must be at least LEED Gold, with a goal of LEED Platinum for the community centre.
  • SEFC will have 6 million sq feet of development.
    • more than 5,000 residential units
    • full-size community centre and non-motorized boating facility
    • three to five licensed childcare facilities
    • two out-of-school care facilities
    • an elementary school
    • restoration of five heritage buildings (see Salt building)
    • 10 hectares of park.
  • The shoreline will include a new island and inter-tidal fish habitat, bridge, boardwalk, and seaside greenway and bikeway.
  • By 2020, Southeast False Creek will be home to 12,000 to 16,000 people.

I for one am excited to see what sort of impact this community will have on the other side of False Creek. Further, I’m sure many of the businesses in the area feel the same way. South East False, North East False Creek, the land next to B.C. Place and G.M. Place plus East Fraserlands should add about 40,000 new residents to the city of Vancouver in the next 10 years. Exciting times.

DH Vancouver StaffDH Vancouver Staff

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