Sound House Studios - Vancouver's Premium Rehearsal Studio

Local musicians Karen Parusel and Chris “Pher” Gautreau became frustrated in their search of a quality and affordable studio space for bands here in the city of Vancouver. This problem dating a few years back has now led to them opening a premium studio space of their own here in the heart of the city and, after visiting, I can say this place has truly set the standards in the rehearsal studio scene.

Like most successful entrepreneurs they identified a problem and began a plan to solve it. With a little encouragement from family and a lot of nay-sayers they decided to create a studio that surpasses the standards in need of quality, cleanliness, soundproofing, and pricing. By touring the place and actually testing out the rooms first hand, it is clear they take the term of “Premium” rehearsal space very seriously.

Here are Five Notable Features:

  • Structure – 7000 square-foot studio, with 13 upscale rooms, and event space
  • Flexibility – Hourly rooms with options in size and gear, as well as monthly 24/7 jam spaces
  • Cleanliness – Very clean, and possessing that true professional feel
  • Soundproofing – Tested and true, you can record in the spaces it sounds that good
  • Pricing – You get what you pay for, and the quality here is worth it every dollar

“We really want to help bands take their game to the next level. Whether they are just starting out, or are preparing for an upcoming tour, we want to provide them with the professional feel and space to do it in.”

From my decade-plus of experience in being a musician, I know first hand that paying for a professional space really does make a difference. The investment and environment can really encourage a band to step up their productivity and make use of the time versus slacking off in a shabby, free location.

“The soundproofing in most spaces we used to look at was well, not very good to say the least. This was a very important factor to us and we now have a lot bands actually recording their own demos right here in the rooms with great results.”

Premier Room

Premier Room

It was easy to feel the passion they have for their business and the industry in general, so I asked what advice could they share with other budding entrepreneurs:

Business Tip: Surround yourself with people that have expertise in the Industry or areas where you need help. Find people that have the experience and are willing to share their ideas, and feedback.

Both Pher and Karen stated they are looking forward to getting more use out of their incredible event space they have with the likes of various drumming, guitar, and vocal clinics – including teaching from touring pros. It’s a really nice space for these other aspects such as photo-shoots, promotional events and workshops.

Pher has also been working on advancing his professional skill-set this year in order to round out their services offered, such photo-shoots and bios for bands that come in as well. 2013 will also include the launching of their intimate Soundhouse Sessions nights with great local bands in a limited seating capacity while recording the whole show live – another great service to bands and for overall promotion around the city.

Events Space

Events Space

With so much on the go, Karen is excited that they will be hiring another staff member this year to allow them to have a little breathing room after a very busy, seven-day a week start-up year. Things are looking bright for this impressive studio, so if you’re a musician and looking for a place to jam, this Soundhouse is a must see.

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Photos courtesy of JMH Consulting and Sound House Studios