Someone stole a defibrillator from an ambulance in Abbotsford, and the police want it back

Jul 20 2016, 1:14 am

“This is equipment on an ambulance that can be used to save their relative; their loved one.”

A plea from Abbotsford Police, as the city has one less life-saving defibrillator to use – and it’s because of a heartless theft.

The $7,000 device can help restore the normal rhythm of a heartbeat in a medical emergency.

Constable Ian MacDonald says the theft is absolutely unfair to the community.

“I don’t know that trying to piece it out for scrap would generate much in the way of dollars. A thief managed to pry this away from the ambulance, and is now feeling pretty good about him or herself. Obviously the rest of the community is not feeling pretty good about that person.”

MacDonald says the incident would have happened within a two-day span.

“We received the report Monday afternoon from B.C. Ambulance Service that one of their rigs that was parked in the 2000-block of Abbotsford Way had an AED stolen from the back of that van, probably sometime between 3 pm on July 17th – Sunday, to about the same time Monday afternoon (July 18th).”

MacDonald hopes the person – or people responsible – will turn it in to the APD.

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