6 creative ways to stay social this summer in Vancouver

Jul 22 2020, 11:03 am

Social distancing may not be everyone’s favourite thing in the world, but we’re adapting to this new normal. Nobody expected to go from having a full social calendar to baking banana bread at home alone within a matter of weeks.

But if the ongoing crisis is teaching us anything, it’s that we can make the most of any situation. Many Canadians turned their homes into workspaces, personal workout studios, and test kitchens overnight — that’s impressive when you’re working with a 600 sq ft space.

Although we can’t see some of our loved ones in person, we know they’re a quick video call (with playful filters) away. Yes, this summer is going to be different. But that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. To help you have fun socializing safely this summer, here are six activities to try.

Host a virtual taste test

Every group of friends has at least one person who claims to be the drinks expert. This season, you can challenge their knowledge with a virtual taste test. Choose the aptly-named, Canadian-made SoCIAL LITE and see how well your pals know their Gin Soda Lime from their Triple Berry Vodka Soda and Bold Orange Vodka Soda. To make it sweeter, the drinks contain 100% natural ingredients with no sugar or carbs and just 80 calories.

Organize a backyard clothes swap

The pandemic has created a lot of economic uncertainty for Canadians, so it’s natural to be budget-conscious. Chances are your closet is filled with pre-loved pieces that don’t bring you joy anymore — but your friends could adore these items. Gather up everything you no longer want, ask your pals to do the same, and set a date for a socially distanced backyard clothes swap. Make some food, enjoy a drink or two, and end the day with new outfits without ever having to leave your neighbourhood.

Host a digital karaoke session

Karaoke is a guilty pleasure for almost everyone. The good news is that you don’t have to wait until your local haunt reopens — you can host a digital karaoke night right from your living room. Order a couple of¬†mini karaoke microphones¬†for your music-loving friends and sing to your heart’s content during a virtual karaoke session. You can record your best version of “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” to share with everyone afterwards.

Host an epic backyard BBQ

Working from home makes snacking even more accessible because you can check the cupboards in between tasks and whip up something. But after a while, eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches gets old. To bring some excitement back into your diet and social life, have a backyard BBQ cookout with your nearest and dearest. Challenge each other to make epic eats (including notable sides) and pair your BBQ feast with ice-cold drinks. See who emerges as the grill master!

Order loaded pizza to the beach

After spending so much time indoors in recent months, we’re eager to get outside and enjoy the sunshine whenever possible. No matter how much you enjoy channelling your inner¬†Gordon Ramsay in the kitchen, a night off from cooking is always blissful. This summer, keep it simple with a socially-distanced get-together at the beach or in the park with some friends. Order pizza loaded with all of the toppings right to your location, and reminisce about summers’ past as you dine and sip al fresco.

Do yoga outdoors with your pets

With everything going on in the world right now, it’s important to schedule time for self-care and exercise. The same goes for our pets; they need to keep moving and stay well too. Arranging an outdoor yoga session with your bubble of friends and their furry friends lets you check off all the boxes at once. Doing yoga can help decrease stress and build strength — things most Canadians could benefit from during this time.

Each aforementioned social activity can be enjoyed with an ice-cold can of¬†SoCIAL LITE on standby. Plus, now is the perfect time to support a Canadian-owned business with humble beginnings — it started when three friends came together in a kitchen just outside of Toronto.

To make the most of this summer, head to a private liquor store near you that carries the brand and pick up a pack of SoCIAL LITE.

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