Vancouver soft serve spot adds new seasonal offerings to its lineup

Mar 3 2021, 4:15 pm

As the sun begins to set a little later in the evenings and spring slowly approaches, we’re thinking about our favourite grab-and-go dessert spots in Vancouver.

On that list is the relatively new Snowcap Creamery and Cafe on West Broadway in Kitsilano, which launched in December. Everything on the menu at this sweet treat haven is inspired by street snacks and classic flavours from Japan and Hong Kong.

If you weren’t already captivated by the offerings at Snowcap, wait until you try the brand-new seasonal flavours to hit the menu — both of which are infused with an all-natural key ingredient:¬†Sugi Bee Honey.

First up is the Yuzu Bliss. A combination of Sugi Bee Yuzu Honey, organic dried mandarin slides, corn flakes, and a yummy chocolate finger, it has a slightly sour yet seriously refreshing finish.

The next addition is the equally impressive Kyohou Garden. Starring Sugi Bee Kyohou Honey, freeze-dried blueberry pops, corn flakes, and a real juice gummy, it strikes the perfect balance of sweet and sour. (It also has a captivating aroma that we could never tire of.)

Both new soft serve stars are available from 12 to 7 pm (every day except Tuesday) at Snowcap, priced at $8.75 each.

Snowcap uses 100% Avalon Organic milk in both its mainstay soft serve flavours and seasonal newcomers, like the Yuzu Bliss and Kyohou Garden.

This silky smooth soft serve base is taken to the next level with the infusion of delicate¬†Sugi Bee Honey, a refreshing fruit juice-infused honey — imported directly from Japan.

If you’re hooked on the honey after you opt for this natural topping in place of¬†artificial flavour syrup, you can purchase a bottle of it in-store to elevate your at-home snack game both now and in the months ahead.

To experience the exquisite taste of Sugi Bee Honey-infused soft serve for yourself, stop by Snowcap Creamery and Cafe and prepare to be dazzled.

Snowcap Creamery and Cafe

Address: 3278 West Broadway, Vancouver
Phone: 604-620-1172


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