4 ways to inspire yourself to hydrate before a half marathon

Aug 18 2016, 5:25 pm

Preparing for a half marathon can be gruelling but drinking water should never feel like a challenge.

But for many, that’s just not the case. It’s easy to shrug off water with a busy schedule along with keeping up between work and meetings. Because of this, remembering to drink up quickly becomes half the battle.

This year Daily Hive partnered with smartwater to experience SeaWheeze by running the half marathon on August 13. Smartwater hydrated festival attendees and the half marathon runners to help them perform their best.

To celebrate the successful event we’ve compiled a list of four ways to inspire yourself into getting hydrated before running a half marathon.

Set alarms


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It sounds like a little much, but setting an alarm is the best way to make you snap back to reality. Eventually your internal clock will have you sipping on the regular and drinking water will feel effortless.

Eat your water

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Remembering to drink water throughout the day can be tough, especially when you’re super busy. Give your water bottle a break and instead, try hydrating in a different way. Water-rich foods like fruits and vegetables can be a good complement to drinking water, making it easier to up your intake – for example, watermelon contains roughly 92% water.

Mark your water bottle

This one’s brilliant. Use a marker to set goals on your water bottle for intake during the day. Each line can include the time of day so you can track your progress. Drink in the increments that work best for you based on meetings, work breaks, and anything else. Being goal oriented makes the challenge fun so drinking water doesn’t feel like a chore.

Freeze fruit into ice

Lemon ice cube

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Some people need taste as a motivator. The good news is that you can have your taste without compromising on health. Freeze lemon or any other fruit into your ice cubes to add simple flavour to your water if needed.

Each smartwater plantbottle contains up to 30% plastic from plant based materials which has a lower carbon footprint than traditional plastic. What’s also awesome is that the bottle is 100% recyclable. Glacéau smartwater was inspired by the clouds and provides vapour distilled with added minerals for a pure and crisp taste.

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