5 ways that smart devices can basically turn you into a high-tech superhero

Apr 28 2018, 3:09 am

Can you remember watching Star Trek when you were younger and being in awe of the mere idea of face recognition or touch screens? (Or, you know, space ships.) Who knew that most of that technology would basically exist and be freely available in the year 2018?

Today’s tech gives you the power to push your own limits and challenges you to rethink what you thought was possible. Smartphones and wearables work together to simplify your hectic daily life.

On that note, we’ve teamed up with Samsung Canada to take a look at five ways that smart devices can essentially turn you into a high-tech superhero (no costume required). All you need is your phone, and the galaxy is yours.

Control things with one tap

Gear IconX/Samsung Canada

Now you can control your next-level smart gear with one tap of your finger. Listen to your go-to playlists right from the Samsung Gear IconX earbuds as they’ve got 4GBs of built-in storage. Sync your wearable tech up with your phone, get out for your run, and tap your earbuds to change songs and answer calls.

Face recognition is really good now

At last, intelligent face scanning technology for your smartphone is here! Feel like a certain Mr. Stark when you unlock your Galaxy S9 or S9+ using your gorgeous visage. This technology combines a face recognition and iris scanning that can even be used in low light conditions. Very, very cool.

Have your own 24/7 digital fitness instructor

Gear IconX/Samsung Canada

It’s easy to dodge the gym if (a) you have nobody to go to work out with, or (b) you feel like you can’t motivate yourself. Thankfully, you don’t need either with the Gear IconX. It’s got a built-in running coach that gives you personalized updates and helps keep you motivated. Your IconX syncs up the Samsung Health app on your smartphone to record your workouts, letting you focus on you.

Never run out of steam

Gear IconX/Samsung Canada

When you’ve got a busy schedule and you’re always on the go, you can’t afford to run out of steam; you need music in order to stay pumped. Now, if your phone does happen to run out of battery, you’ve always got a backup: The Gear IconX. The earbuds have a long battery life that lets you listen to music or stream via Bluetooth for up to seven hours. When the Gear IconX needs to be charged, all you need to do is pop them in their case, and they’ll charge themselves.

Better together

Gear Sport/Samsung Canada

One-to-one synchronization is good, but one-to-many is awesome. You can have your lifestyle fully supported on the go with the Gear S3 – a premium aesthetic smartwatch that’s fully supported across three integrated devices.

Picture it: You upload your favourite playlist from your Galaxy S9 to your Gear IconX and take off for an afternoon run. Your favourite song comes on and fuels you to push yourself a little harder, so you rotate the bezel on your Gear S3 and track your personal best speed using the speedometer. When it’s all said and done, your results are on full display on your Galaxy S9. Just like that.

Join the ecosystem (and give your smartphone and gear a much-needed upgrade) by visiting Samsung Canada now.

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