Small Business Profile: Healthee

Dec 19 2017, 4:22 am

Traditional “Fast Food” restaurants are everywhere. Yet there are few healthy alternatives for people who need a quick and nutritious meal. Healthee offers tasty food fast. Healthee is an exciting new food service concept that recently opened its first store in Kerrisdale.

Although some traditional fast food restaurants are beginning to offer some “healthy” choices, their unhealthy menu items are still too tempting and priced low to encourage purchase. Even their “healthy options” can be nutritionally misleading. So, Healthee was born, a clean, modern eatery offering healthy tasty food fast.

“We believe you shouldn’t have to sacrifice the quality and nutrition of your meal, just because you don’t always have time to shop for fresh ingredients and prepare them yourself. Healthee provides a healthy alternative to traditional “fast food,” say its founders, Joe Markovitch and Lana Marks Pulver.

With a product now developed Joe approached his cousin, Lana Pulver, whose background is in finance and marketing and she agreed to partner with him in the healthy bagel business. Similarly, they decided to turn the delicious and typically sinful treat, the cinnamon bun into one that has nutritional value and made it 100% whole grain and all natural ingredients. It is still incredibly delicious, but now high in both fiber and iron. Healthee now manufactures its own bagels and cinnamon rolls in its Richmond bakery.

Healthee is more than an eatery – it’s a lifestyle for people on the go.

Customers can choose from 3 types of lettuce (romaine, spinach and mixed greens) over 40 toppings and 10 Healthee-made salad dressings from behind a glass guard while your personal Healthee Bartender assembles, tosses and chops your delicious salad in a bowl or in a whole wheat wrap.

Healthee is located at 2277 West 41st avenue (½ block west of Yew st). Go check out!
Hours of operation:
Monday- Friday 8:30am-7pm
Saturday & Sunday 9:30am-6pm

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