Small Business Profile: Dipt

Dec 19 2017, 11:43 am

Well the small business profile is back, although the Urban Dweller is busy interviewing models, we have decided to take over for this week. In all seriousness, this week we’ll be profiling Dipt Clothing store. For years they have been holding it down with the best of Urban clothing in the city. They were here way before other shops caught on to the urban trend. We were able get a hold of founder Jeff “Martini” Martin and he was kind enough to answer a few questions:

VcB: When did Dipt first open and why open it at its present location?

Dipt opened on December 11th, 2000 at 819 Hornby. I chose the location because I really wanted to present hip hop and streetwear fashion to the mainstream. By locating ourselves just off of Robson we were able to capture customers who would normally not have discovered the brands we carry and, in turn, realized that the fashion is actually fashionable and not strictly just for hip hop heads.

VcB: What are some of your hottest selling items?

By far the hottest selling items at Dipt are the exclusive Vancity Original tees and custom designed New Era caps. Other very popular brands right now include LRG, Crooks and Castles, 10 Deep, Nike and New Era.

VcB: Is there any upcoming apparel that will blow the minds of the citizens of Van City? If so, we would like to preview them on our site if permissable?

I don’t know if I can identify one particular brand of apparel that is dropping that will necessarily blow any ones mind but we will be consistently dropping new Vancity Original designs and expanding the line in 2009. Other than that we will continue to bring the city the best pieces from the most popular brands on the street today.

VcB: What do you think about Vancouvers Urban/Hip-Hop fashion and music scene?

I think that Vancouver has a very diverse Hip Hop fashion and music scene that draws from the very unique mix of people in the city. As for the fashion I feel that people in Vancouver are quite progressive and are quick to pick up on new trends and styles. On the music end I think we have a lot of very talented artists that are lacking the necessary exposure to really blow up. Vancouver actually has quite a rich history when it comes to hip hop music and fashion.

VcB: Livestock, would that be your main competitor? if not who would be your main competitor and what makes you better?

I wouldn’t really look at Livestock as a competitor in so far as they are a primarily a sneaker store which also carries some select streetwear brands. Dipt is primarily a clothing store with a sneaker component within the store. Dipt was selling exclusive sneakers long before any “sneaker shops” opened up. Basically I feel that Dipt is the best of all sneaker, streetwear and hip hop shops put together all under one roof.

In December we will have a contest giving our loyal reader a chance to score some original Vancity tee’s and hats courtesy of the good folks at Dipt. More information when it becomes available.

819 Hornby Street
Vancouver, British Columbia
Canada V6Z 2E6

Tel: (604) 669-9990
Toll-Free: 1 (866) 266-DIPT (3478)
[email protected]

Monday to Thursday 10-7
Friday and Saturday 10-8
Sunday and Holidays 12-6

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