Major SkyTrain delays due to medical emergency at Main Street Station

Oct 2 2016, 1:57 am

UPDATE at 10:34 pm: Normal SkyTrain service has resumed.

UPDATE at 8:15 pm: Trains are now operating from Stadium-Chinatown Station to Commercial-Broadway Station on a single track through Main-Street Science World Station, but not stopping at Main Street-Science World Station.

Millennium Line trains are running from Columbia Station to VCC-Clark Station.

A bus shuttle between the affected stations is still operational.


There are major delays on SkyTrain’s Expo and Millennium lines this evening due to a medical emergency at Main Street-Science World Station.

According to TransLink, a shuttle bus service is being set up between the affected stations from Commercial-Broadway Station to Stadium-Chinatown Station, with a stop at Main Street-Science World Station for trolley bus passengers.

Trains are not leaving downtown Vancouver; Expo Line service is limited from Waterfront Station to Stadium-Chinatown Station and King George Station to Commercial-Broadway Station.

The disruptions began just before 6:30 pm and there is no estimated time for when service will resume.

The public transportation authority has advised passengers to expect heavy crowds and allow extra time due to two large events in downtown Vancouver.

More on this as it develops…