Locally inspired, designed and developed: SKYE Footwear launches shoes with a focus on comfort and style

Apr 18 2017, 10:17 pm

If Vancouver was a shoe, this would be it.

We’re busy people. We’re always on our feet, travelling from place to place – and our feet take a hit. We need versatile shoes fit for every activity we do in a day; from running around doing errands to going out with friends. It’s not a matter of choosing comfort or style because we want both.  

Around two years ago, Gary Chang, operations manager of SKYE Footwear, decided to find a solution to this problem. “Ultimately, we wanted a shoe that was designed for our feet, that would be stylish and form-fitting,” says Chang. 

SKYE Footwear is no stranger to the West Coast lifestyle. The Richmond-based company knows what Vancouverites like and what’s important to them – comfort, style, and the environment. 

“The design of our shoes focuses on mitigating our environmental footprint,” says SKYE designer Justin Heinrichs. “The fashion industry can be very polluting, therefore, it was important for us to create a product that is sustainable.”

The sole and the insole of each shoe is biodegradable, reducing your carbon footprint with each step you take.

Designed and developed right in Vancouver, SKYE provides three designs, all of which are inspired by areas in the city to provide a hometown touch Vancouverites can be proud of. 

The Rbutus

The Rbutus/SKYE Footwear

Do you live and breathe #WestCoastBestCoast? Then this shoe was inspired by you – people who are always on their way to yoga or spin, constantly on the move. The Rbutus accommodates this lifestyle with a touch of modern fashion.

The Powll

The Powll/SKYE Footwear

A look inspired by the East Van scene. With desert boots as a staple in the area, SKYE found a way to marry that style with comfort. The desert boot has been modified using an athletic, comfortable, lightweight design. 

The Lons

The Lons/SKYE Footwear

Boat shoes without the stuffiness. Inspired by the North Shore, your walk down the Quay will be comfortable and stylish – fit for the modern urbanite.

Each style also features a Loop-Lok system – a laceless, cross bungee style that wraps across the mid-foot of the shoe allowing you to easily slip on the shoes and head out the door.

“The idea actually came while our designer was paddle boarding around Vancouver,” Chang says. “He took a look down at the cargo straps and thought it could be directly applied to footwear. We started playing around with the idea, and after a bunch of iterations, we feel it has worked out perfectly.”

The West Coast lifestyle is an active lifestyle, but sometimes you need options other than classic running shoes.

“Comfort shoes look like comfort shoes. They’re ugly, bulky, and usually something your parents or grandparents would wear on a stroll to the park,” Chang says.

SKYE Footwear is redefining what comfort means. These shoes are designed for the future; for the environmentally friendly, active, and stylish people in Vancouver.

Order your own pair of SKYE kicks online, and choose the style that suits you best. Stay in the know via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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