Finally, stylish footwear that's actually comfortable

Oct 28 2016, 11:50 pm

When Vancouver adopted this popular urban trend, there was no turning back.

Of course, this is in reference to fashionable footwear. We were so used to seeing sneakers on treadmills – however, they recently reemerged as the “it style.” Now they’re effortlessly paired with your flashy watch and jacket. In other words, they’ll take you from work to a fancy dinner with your friends, and you don’t even need to change your shoes.

But there’s just one problem. Most of the shoes you see on the street are uncomfortable, lacking the longevity you need.

But with every negative comes a positive – in this case, SKYE Footwear. The brand was spearheaded by a group of passionate designers who believe that although style is paramount, comfort is too.



Unlike other sneakers, SKYE Footwear designs shoes for people on-the-go. The innovative brand creates footwear that’s form-fitting with deep gel insoles and foam rubber outsoles. Not only this, but the material has a four way stretch so your feet can move happily. They were designed with the goal of “creating true comfort, for always.”

“Wearing them really feels like walking on air,” says SKYE designer Justin Heinrichs. “Making these shoes supremely comfortable was the top priority. But we didn’t want to sacrifice style either. When people feel great in the shoes they wear, they’re able to get on with things…to be active, to be creative, and to be happy.”

We’ve compiled a list of three shoe styles that SKYE’s launching – all of which are dedicated to the brand’s West Coast origin.

The Lons


Lons/SKYE Footwear

This loafer-sneaker is a casual choice for modern urbanites. The shoe has a nautical aesthetic, and makes it easy to dress up or dress down without changing your footwear.

The Rbutus


Rbutus/SKYE Footwear

This runner-style shoe is ultra-soft, designed for comfort. It looks athletic but stylish – great for hikes, bikes, and power walks.

The Powll


Powll/SKYE Footwear

This mod desert boot has a higher cut at the ankle, which gives it a kicky urban appeal. Perfect for for touring the city, or just hanging out around town, it’s a stylish option no matter your plans.



All styles have a unique lace-less aesthetic inspired by Vancouver’s paddle-boarding scene. But they are also environmentally-conscious, with many parts of the shoes being biodegradable or recyclable.

The shoes are unisex, and will come in two colour schemes for the company’s Kickstarter launch. More colour options are planned for its spring 2017 retail debut.


SKYE is hoping to raise $30,000 on Kickstarter to go towards the manufacturing of these shoes, as well as financing more research and development, creating new molds, and developing a retail distribution plan.

If you want to get involved, you can visit SKYE’s Kickstarter campaign online. When you pledge more than $90, you can get an advance pair of SKYE shoes – in any style and any colour. And if you pledge more than $1,000 you’ll get a designer consultation to create a shoe perfectly customized for you.

SKYE’s team has a pretty cool dream, and that’s to better people’s lives. Pledge to help make that dream come true. Stay in the loop by following SKYE Footwear on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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