Our favourite skincare tips to combat Vancouver’s dry, no-good winter

Nov 4 2019, 8:02 pm

Uh-oh. It’s just about that season again where we stock up on litres of moisturizer, wrap ourselves in giant scarfs, and grab anything with the word “nourishing” on it and throw it on our face.

It’s all in the hope that by the end of March, we emerge looking as dissimilar to a crocodile as possible. But exposing your skin to the ravages of a Canadian winter doesn’t have to be such a dread. At least not when you have a winter skincare strategy in place.

We got the scoop from the pros at The Glamoury about what to do about our winter skincare worries.

Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate


The first thing you want to do when you see signs of dryness is to exfoliate. The benefit? It helps your product actually get through to do its work, instead of just sitting on the surface. That way, you’ll have the maximum efficiency of your moisturizer.

Just don’t overdo it, or you’ll reverse-engineer the whole thing.

Tone your abs, not face

Makeup application/The Glamoury

A second common misconception that so many fall for when taking care of their skin is to tone their face or use other harsh astringents. These products promise to help product absorb deeper into the skin, but what people don’t know is that these usually have alcohol in them. So, instead of making the skin feel healthy and supple, they end up actually drying the skin out.

By switching to a cleansing milk instead, your skin will be more moisturized and benefit from a light, all-natural product.

Let the lukewarm in


Last but not least, a really common mistake people make in the winter is hopping in super hot showers all the time to warm up. Although it’s easy to think this is therapeutic — as you’re escaping the cold — what overly hot showers are really doing is making your skin feel even tighter than it was before.

Just like the condensation on your shower door, too much heat in the shower can actually cause the hydration on your skin to evaporate. Try taking a lukewarm bath or setting your shower to medium heat.

If you’re in Vancouver and are looking for some more real-life tips on keeping your skin (and hair) in prime condition in the winter, The Glamoury in Parq Vancouver is hosting a night to educate guests on all-things-beauty. It’s called Holiday Glow, and it’s happening on November 20.

The masterclass is $90 and will give you exclusive access to award-winning hair and makeup expert AJ Woodworth, who will be running the workshop.

You’ll learn about how to transition your skincare regime from fall to winter, enable your makeup to last through the evening, and properly apply bold lips, shimmery eyes, and brushed brows.

For all things hair, you’ll get to experiment with the ultimate styling products and learn from The Glamoury team as they show you how to dry style on the go. They even have hair accessories with a holiday flair that you can experiment with.

And it wouldn’t be Christmas without the joy of giving! Each attendee will get to take home a goodie bag to enjoy more skin and haircare treats at home.

Let’s face it (see what we did there?), we could all use some beauty advice, especially when we’re trying to beat the effects of winter on our skin. Don’t miss out on your chance to learn how at this hands-on workshop.

Holiday Glow By The Glamoury

When: Wednesday, November 20, 2019
Time: 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm
Where: The Glamoury, Level 17, Parq Vancouver — 39 Smithe St
Tickets: Available online for $90.00

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