How to get glowing skin and beyond: a Riversol product review

Dec 19 2017, 9:07 pm

You are about to meet the ultimate skin care skeptic: me.

I’ll never forget the day that my dad told me “soap and water will do the trick.” I believed him and spent much of my teenage life dabbing my face with warm water and Dove hand soap, that would then be put back on the counter for every one else to use.

My skin was never prone to breakouts, and the worst that would happen was self-inflicted – becoming obsessed with a blackhead and prying it out with a pin for instance.

It was as I began to get older that I noticed my skin was changing, it felt more dry, more prone to the elements, if I fell asleep with makeup on it actually mattered. Suddenly dad’s regiment of soap and water wasn’t helping a thing, and it may have been doing more damage.

So I began the search for the perfect skin care system. My initial instinct was that if soap and water had “worked” for so long, anything was an upgrade. First it was regular face wash from the local Shoppers Drug Mart; one typical shelf brand after the other advertised with laughing teenagers in the morning. Lies.

Then I resorted to reminding my dad of all the money he saved over the years and that maybe it was time he invested in some proper face wash for me.

He did, and at $75 it worked for a while. It was this slimy greenish goo that I would rub into my face and when I smiled afterward I could still feel it like a thin layer of swamp film. Could this be right? For the cost I convinced myself it was fine, but when the bottle was empty I certainly didn’t miss it.

Then I got even older.

Not only was my skin beginning to show signs of my past 24 years on earth, but I knew that it was no longer time to deal with the now, but prepare for the future.

I needed something that was also a preventative and going to help combat any early signs of aging. I wanted my skin to feel hydrated, healthy and smooth.

Also, I didn’t want the feeling of chemicals soaking into my face and under no circumstances did I want it to feel like rubbing frogs on my face.

That’s when I found Riversol.

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The key ingredient in the Riversol line is Thujaplicin (thoo-ya-pli-cin), which is derived from the western red cedar tree. It has been proven in clinical studies that it has potent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, and anti-fungal properties. I tried the three products that make up the Riversol skin care regime: a soothing gel cleanser, a protective serum and a revitalizing moisturizing cream.


I was amazed by the quick results of this product. The first time I tried it I could actually feel it working on my skin (it was a bit tingly). Then there was an almost cooling effect of the serum followed by the cream, which soaked into my skin effortlessly. I felt like I was giving my skin a big glass of water instead of scrubbing it with salt.

After a couple of uses I felt like I didn’t need to wear as much makeup, and I was feeling more confident about the feel of my skin, actually saying to my friends “touch my cheek, isn’t that amazing?” The size of my pores were significantly smaller and I felt excited to share that discovery.

I had gone for a facial the week before and my skin felt fantastic, but I was sad because I knew I probably wouldn’t be able to achieve those results at home. With Riversol, I could! After every use my skin felt just like it had when I left the spa.

For me, it’s not just about how well a product works when you’re using it, but also how well it lasts after you stop – the dependency factor!

For this experiment, I stopped using Riversol for one week, cold turkey, just to see how my skin would react. To my surprise, unlike when I have tried this with other products, my skin didn’t immediately wilt or break out or lose its glow. While I did notice a slight change (which is expected when quitting a great skincare regime) the switchback wasn’t drastic.

This is good news because there is always that crucial period between running out and buying new product. No one wants to cancel plans because they reverted back to looking like a pimply prune or the surface of the moon in between purchases.

Also, it’s a sign that the product is having lasting positive effects on the skin when it can self sustain if you miss a few days or forget to pack it when going away for the weekend.

My skin looks smooth and healthy and I actually feel like it glows and has that “dewy look” that comes so naturally to babies and Kate Bosworth.

This is far better than soap and water.


My boyfriend told me that my face smelled funny. I think he is accustomed to my very lackadaisical skin care habits so because my face didn’t smell like face he found it strange. I explained that it smelled like nature and the almighty red cedar tree, so get over it.

The price is a tad steep, however with such a little amount needed, its lasting effects and noticeable and nearly instant results, it’s worth it.

I would suggest first giving this product a try to see and feel the effects yourself. Sample kits are available.

Visit for more information.

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