The City of Vancouver is hiring skateboarding host

May 18 2017, 4:53 pm

The City of Vancouver is hiring a skateboarding host to act as a mentor and role model at the skateboard plaza at Union and Quebec Streets.

According to the job listing on the City’s website, the host must be “outgoing, upbeat, and friendly and will set the tone for a welcoming and positive skateboarding environment.”

The host will be expected to encourage safe practices and good neighbourhood behaviour at the park, and instruct Roundhouse skateboard programs.

Specific duties for the skateboarding host will include welcoming new skaters to the park, filling them in on etiquette, rules, and regulations.

But it’s not all fun and games. The host may also have to provide first aid, keep a logbook, monitor statistics, and handle and report to police fights and drug use.

For your trouble, you’ll need to work about eight hours a week, in two four-hour shifts from spring to autumn this year, coordinating with another skate host.

If you can deal with all that, have completed Grade 11 and have related experience, you’ll actually get a living wage: $20.82 to $24.32 per hour.

Applications close this Friday. More info here: Skateboarding Host

Jenni SheppardJenni Sheppard

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