Single in Vancouver: The good in guilt

Concealed beneath the vivacious streets of Gastown, the Guilt and Company is a true gem to Vancouver’s social scene. Competently filled up by ten-o’clock pm on both Friday and Saturday nights, expect a warm and intimate atmosphere. In fact because of temperature I suggest minimal clothing (without breaking any laws), which works out rather well for singles.

Courteous and accommodating, the manager led me in and handed over a menu. Offering delectable food and dessert options, be sure not to rule out The Guilt and Company for a meal prior to your night out. After ordering a Blanche De Chambly, which has since become one of my favorite beers, I took a seat in preparation for the live music to come. The adept band of the evening played a selection of familiar music adding their unique flair. Seconds into their version of The Next Episode by Dre Dre, the indie rock band laughed along with the audience who cheered in acquaintance to a song no one expected them to play. Equipped with a co-ed bathroom (optimal for a potential hook up), life size Jenga and a game menu at each table, this bar serves as a great spot to not only meet singles but a group of your closest friends as well. Being one of few places in the city to offer live music, The Guilt and Co. grants a welcoming escape from our predisposed sense of Vancouver’s night life.

The Guilt and Company was so surprisingly pleasant that although the bar was filled with a medley of attractive men and women, I forgot that I was single. Being single in Vancouver becomes exhausting at times and I thank the Guilt and Company for contrast and an over all gratifying evening. I can’t make any promises on meeting a potential soul mate but I can guarantee an enjoyable night either way, which of course makes meeting someone a bonus!

I happened to have fallen in love that night, with a large mouth water piece of their red velvet cake. Even if you don’t go home with someone, you can indulge in a slice of heaven right off the dessert menu. Without a doubt I list The Guilt and Company a great place to meet singles in Vancouver.