Single in Vancouver: Single for NYE

Single in Vancouver? Why is it that during the holidays us singles suddenly feel all nostalgic and hopeful for a human connection or scene from the Titanic? Maybe it’s just me but I can’t help but notice the pressure of holiday romance having an effect on the usual realistic or matter-of-fact bachelors.

There are these expectations during the holiday season that seem slightly unreachable for your average Joe. Society, movies, TV and your parents tell you you’re supposed to fall in love while ice skating under the stars and Christmas lights, meet someone at your Holiday work party whom you slow dance with and hit it off, have someone to buy some romantic and overpriced gift for and lastly have some movie moment 12:00am New Year’s kiss with someone who will remember your name the next day – let’s get realistic.

The longer you prep for your New Year’s Eve moment – spending hours on hair and makeup, picking out the perfect outfit and probably getting a painful wax of sorts – the more disappointed you’ll be when the clock hits 12 and you literally have no one to kiss. That’s why my outlook this time of year may seem a little promiscuous, alcoholic or amazing depending on how you look at it. I’m single and young and instead of making plans based on hopeful romance, forced dates or anything I don’t actual want to do, I live in the moment, spend time with the people I love, do what I want to do and almost never cry during the New Year’s countdown.

For women, specifically single women, New Year’s is about looking your best: the best hair style you can come up with, the new Mac makeup you purchased for the occasion, sexy panties hidden under a tight pair of Spanx, your finest push up bra, heels you can’t walk in and, most importantly, sparkles! I’m not sure why sparkles go hand in hand with New Year’s but outfits no one in their right mind would wear any other day of the year reflect off disco balls and leave glitter trails to the ladies room. It’s the one day of the year (other than Halloween) that we are able to resemble drag queens and get away with it – at least we have that ladies.

For men, specifically single men, New Year’s is about knowing you’ll have to take out a lot of cash, not being able to wear jeans to most places, drinking amongst the wolf pack of men who all wish they were in sneakers and hopefully meeting some Pamela Anderson look alike with the openness of Jenna Jameson. As a single male friend once told me “a man usually wants to wake up with a gorgeous woman beside him….most of the time,” so it’s always in the back of their mind even if they seem preoccupied with beer bongs and keg stands.

If you’re single and decide to venture out this New Year’s, there are a few things to keep in mind:

If a girl is dressed in a skintight sparkly number and looks like she’s spent hours on her appearance, she wants to be complimented (easy conversation starter seeing as everyone loves to talk about themselves)

-People are always more drunk than usual. Don’t judge someone based on his or her alcohol consumption that evening

-From the second a single person enters a venue, they are scoping out their 12 o’clock kiss or they already have someone in mind

-New Year’s Eve is an emotional event for women, tears are high on the list of possibilities but then again so are hangovers

-12:00am is the best time to hit the bar because everyone else is busy sucking face

-When all else fails, have a friend to smooch at count down

For ideas on where to go this NYE click here.

And from all of us at Vancity Buzz, have a safe, over the top and most importantly sparkly New Year’s!!!