Single In Vancouver: Live Music Mingling

Single in Vancouver? Look no further than the live music venues Vancouver has to offer for your next singles night out. Vancouver is overflowing with local talent and I suggest you go get your feet wet. Those who enjoy live music are going out for a purpose besides being picked up, there’s never pressure to meet or talk to new people because you are most likely there to simply enjoy the music. With that being said, anything on top of a great live performance, such as a conversation with an attractive single, would likely be welcome, while not expected. For the most part, live music venues offer a peaceful ambience far from that of a club or bar (besides the occasional obnoxious group of people who you wish didn’t sit in your vicinity, of course.)

During a live performance, you’re surrounded by men and women who share common interests, whether the specific performer or live music in general. You can at least skip the small talk and refrain from asking “what brings you here tonight?” Shows are perhaps not the best option for the claustrophobic single population looking to keep others out of their personal bubble, but for those of us who don’t mind physical interaction it works out well. Weasel your way up to the front of the stage and go get sweaty with a stranger – mosh it out a bit. During a slow song look for those creepy opportunities to catch the eye of someone you find intriguing or, if you are really brave, shimmy your way into their arms for a slow dance (try not to embarrass your friends or get arrested in the process.) If you go for this option – I’d recommend that you employ the “catch the eye” strategy first and make sure the glance back is welcoming before this bold move, otherwise you run the risk of a horrified expression or being pushed away.

Different genres of music make for a different atmosphere. Not being into house or techno, I’m not likely to go anywhere where drugs are being shared like Halloween candy and glow sticks are as popular as Justin Bieber. Because I would rather not have a drug induced one-night-stand, I go to the venues featuring the music I love to listen to, thereby surrounding myself with like-minded people. There’s nothing worse than dating someone and later finding out that their music taste is far from anything you would subject anyone’s ears to. If you’re both at a venue swaying along to acoustic rock, then it’s fair to assume you are both fans of the music (I’m all about saving you time and effort folks – no need to have that “music preference” chat if it’s blatantly obvious.)

Here in Vancouver, we are fortunate to have a few local live music gems such as:

  • Backstage Lounge, Granville Island
  • Commodore Ballroom, Granville Street
  • Electric Owl, Main Street
  • Vogue Theatre, Granville Street
  • Orpheum Theatre, Granville Street
  • Biltmore Cabaret, Kingsway
  • The Cobalt, Main Street
  • The Railway Club, Dunsmuir Street
  • Rickshaw Theatre, East Hastings
  • The Media Club, Cambie Street

If you enjoy live music, if you live in Vancouver, if you’re single and ready to mingle, well then what’s stopping you? I personally suggest checking out or other music station sites that match your particular musical taste, for upcoming shows and venues – alcohol permitted is always a plus. There you have it, another addition to our list of places to meet singles in Vancouver. Happy mingling!