Single in Vancouver: Lamplighter Public House

Dec 19 2017, 6:22 am

What makes somewhere a great place to meet singles? Perhaps it’s all based on opinion but in the obvious sense I would say any location needs to be filled with a diverse mix of people, should have a good over all vibe and for those of us who enjoy a drink or two, a place to meet singles should serve alcohol. So it’s no surprise that Lamplighter Public House was not only voted the best bar in the Georgia Straight’s best of Vancouver 2012, but was also voted best pick up bar for men seeking women. It wasn’t until I entered the pub and spoke with general manager Chris Badyk, that I was informed of the 2012 wins.

“Best bar for picking up women!?” Clearly I chose the right spot that Friday night.

It’s not hard to determine who else is single once you’ve entered a bar or pub; Those who scan the door way at every opportunity to spot their next victim, the men who approach women with slurred pick up lines – I see it all. That night, Lamplighter was compiled of women coming on too strong, men getting shut down, people displaying public dance floor make outs while lacking any awareness of their surroundings, men spending their income on an abundance of shots in attempt to impress the ladies, and finally, bar tenders who I can only assume are male models on the side (Don’t act like you’re standing at the bar for a drink girls, I’m onto you). Basically Lamplighter was an ideal example of the perfect bar for singles.

Gastown has become my new favorite place to scope out men; whether you are walking down the street mid day on a Monday or struggling to walk in your heels on a Friday night, hot men are everywhere. It’s only fitting that Lamplighter is located on Water Street in Gastown. Directly on the corner, you can’t miss it and thankfully I didn’t miss it that night because believe it or not, the hot men of Gastown don’t only display themselves on the streets, they go into bars as well! With two bars to serve the cringing singles and an area that I’m going to call a dance floor, although I’m unsure if the area was cleared by the sober guy who spent his entire evening breaking it down to 90’s music. Of course with everything from Foster the People to “Back that Ass up” playing, I couldn’t help but join in on the dancing. In fact, I’m almost positive I was still getting down low on the D floor when the lights came on exposing the faces of those I may have been attracted to before the fact.

Perhaps it was the draft beer, maybe the random shots of Sambuca some strange man bought me, it may have been the music that brought me back to the days of scrunchies and mullets or the male models working it behind the bar, what ever it was, I had a great time. Lamplighter has without a doubt been added to my list of places to meet singles in Vancouver, so put down that carton of ice cream, turn off the Sex and the City marathon, put on something skin tight and revealing, paint your face on and go check it out!