5 ways this Vancouver-based startup is boosting literacy around the world

Oct 29 2018, 6:00 pm

It’s 2018, and over 750 million adults around the world can’t read. Across Africa alone, over 60 million school-aged children can’t read.

According to Vancouver-based startup SiMBi, literacy is the number one predictor of academic success and a child is 50% more likely to survive past the age of five in a lower-income country if their mother is literate.

SiMBi is the only reading platform that motivates students to read to support their global community. It reinforces how literacy is a predictor of academic success and such success brings increased self-esteem, confidence, and empowerment.

Here’s a look at five ways SiMBi is boosting literacy around the world.

Read While Listening

To help combat illiteracy in Uganda, The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees has partnered with SiMBi and The Walking School Bus to teach students to read with their program “Reading While Listening.”

SiMBi uses techniques backed by science for their “Read While Listening” systems. Reading while listening is a highly effective reading method as it helps readers focus, increase accuracy and fluency, and can support retention.

Teacher Support

According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, a lack of access to curriculum and educational materials, as well as a lack of teacher training, are factors impacting literacy rates in Uganda. Many teachers are not fully equipped or trained to teach and are not highly literate themselves.

SiMBi helps teachers by providing literacy benchmarking capabilities to support them in highlighting literacy struggles within their classroom. Teachers can implement SiMBi in their curriculum to help develop beginning reading skills with younger students and continue supporting readers with SiMBi at any grade level.

An All-in-One Reading Platform

Teachers and educators alike can use SiMBi in the classroom, for homework, with friends, and family. Readers can choose from SiMBi’s extensive library of audio-visual books, or can upload their own selections. Also, teachers can choose specific texts from the classroom for their students to read.

Using SiMBi as a Productivity Tool

According to the Truman Center, illiteracy costs the global economy $1 trillion. Today, SiMBi is helping over 11,800 students to read globally.

When used daily by students, SiMBi can help improve literacy skills by practicing independent reading. It allows the user to read at the speed that works best for them, set personal goals, and increase their fluency and accuracy over time. SiMBi’s dashboard provides educators with an overview of their students’ reading proficiency and independent performance.

The Fight for Global Literacy

SiMBi empowers users to give back and help with the fight for global literacy. By spending 30 seconds to sign up at SiMBi.io, you can support global literacy by reading and recording a book out loud and helping thousands learn how to read.

Raise your voice for global literacy. Use your voice today to make a difference to thousands of people worldwide.

SiMBi is created by Jugaad Ventures Inc., a Vancouver-based education technology company that is committed to global literacy.

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