This French-Indian fusion restaurant in Vancouver is a must-try

Aug 29 2018, 5:46 pm

Vancouverites adore a good fusion restaurant. Come on, who doesn’t?

Earlier this year, a bespoke French-Indian restaurant opened its doors in the city: Silk Lounge.

The swanky Powell Street restaurant has been in the works for almost five years and serves dishes made with only organic ingredients, making it the first eatery in the city that serves Indian food to do so.

Silk Lounge/@marquardtphotography

It’s an upscale setting filled with globally-sourced treasures like hand-linked chandeliers and Buddha statues which complement the Indian and French menus in the most spectacular way.

When you arrive, it’s hard to take your eyes off the spice wall filled with almost 100 organic spices from places like Kerala and Rajasthan.

Silk Lounge spice wall/VISAJ Media (Arshdeep & Jena

You’ve got the option of eating at western tables with brass-work chairs and Indian patchwork, or you can take a seat at a traditional Indian low table with rolls.

Silk Lounge offers vegan, gluten-free, and vegetarian options. The bar also makes freshly-squeezed juices and serves up organic wine as well.

Silk Lounge/@marquardtphotography

This spot also supports local farms and businesses. Not to mention the fact that they grow some of their own organic herbs and vegetables.

Silk Lounge leaf lettuce/VISAJ Media (Arshdeep & Jena)

Silk Lounge fresh garlic/VISAJ Media (Arshdeep & Jena)

Silk Lounge has an open kitchen so you can see the techniques chefs are using as they prepare your dishes. This includes the making of pasta from organic semolina flour.

The dinner lounge is somewhere you’ll want to start with appetizers like prawns diablo (lemon butter wine and chilis, sided with an organic grain baguette), basil chicken tikka (organic chicken thigh marinated with garlic, ginger, and basil rub), and grilled zucchini (marinated in traditional spices with fresh organic ginger, garlic, and hand-milled black peppercorns).

Silk Lounge/@marquardtphotography

As the customer, you’re the real MVP so it’s all about your experience. Rather than mass cooking for speed, Silk Lounge uses organic, cold-pressed, and unrefined oils (if they have to), to maximize flavour.

Food is cooked over a direct flame in a clay tandoor oven and absolutely nothing is deep fried in the kitchen.

Silk Lounge/VISAJ Media (Arshdeep & Jena)

If you’re looking for a new place to dine out in Vancouver where you can enjoy healthy, farm-to-table style cuisine, this is the place.

Silk Lounge

Address: 132 Powell Street, Vancouver
Phone: 778-379-6900

Facebook | Instagram

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