14 signs that you definitely still live with your parents

Jan 25 2017, 10:22 pm

This post was written for Daily Hive by Samantha Schonewille, a hiker, runner, and amateur climber following the call to the great outdoors. You can follow Samantha’s adventures on Instagram.

Of course we love our parents, but family time all the time can be a rough deal. There can be ups and downs to sharing a place with anyone, but there’s a unique set of issues that come about when adult children live with their parents.

So for everyone out there who’s currently living with their parentals we feel your pain. We’ve all been there at some point in our lives, maybe even multiple times. Read along and let us know which of these hit close to home with you.

Vancouver house home (Image: Karamysh/ Shutterstock)

1. You live in a real house

Not a condo, or a box room that you can just about squeeze a bed into. You probably still have a landline too because moms are just so adorable about seeing a need to keep those things.

2. You never pay for taxis

Because your parents always give you a ride home after clubbing. And if they offer, why the hell not, right? There’s got to be some benefit to living at home.

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3. You know your parents work schedule by heart.

… how else could you optimize your alone time?

4. You’re always broke, but you’re not paying rent…

So where exactly is all your cash is going. Aritzia, booze, coffee… all three?



5. You’re probably still in school

Or putting in your dues in your dream career where the only way to get a wage is with work experience, but the only way to get work experience is an unpaid internship. Because, let’s face it, you’re not living at home out of choice.

6. You eat like a king / queen

That’s right, no dehydrated noodles for you. That’s because your mom shops at Whole Foods and can actually afford to buy things like fancy cheese and blueberries all year round.

Whole Foods in Toronto (ValeStock/Shutterstock.com)

7. There’s always a power struggle going on in the house

Living with your parents as an adult can be super frustrating, you constantly hear things like “listen to your Mother” and “respect our authority.” Sometimes you may even know you’re right, but your parents still won’t see it that way

8. It’s always awkward when you start a new relationship

“Do you want to come over to my place? If you do you have to meet my parents.”

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9. The snooping

Privacy? What privacy? Your parents have the ability to snoop into your life way more than you’d like, and you’re forced to revert to teenagehood to hide things you don’t want them to know about. As a result you’ll need all of your cunning to dodge awkward questions like “What’s that funky smell in your bedroom?” “Do you know who drank all of your dad’s vodka?” and “Whose shoes were by the front door this morning?”

10. You love your parents, but fight with them literally all the time

There comes a point in life where daughters (and sons) cannot live with their parents anymore. Sadly that point lies sometime before you’ve actually moved out of home. The end result is constant bickering, irritation and downright ugliness.

But don’t worry, when you do eventually move out give it a few months and you’ll all get along again. We promise.



11. Your siblings are probably your besties

Because no one else understands your pain.

12. You know the struggle of asking your parents to take a photo of you all too well

… Well that photo’s not making it to the Gram.



13. You get to witness all your parents’ outstanding fashion choices

Dad, I’m really digging the pink, hipster boating shorts. My those nautical anchors look excellent with your striped white shirt.

14. Parental purgatory

Your parents either really want you to move out, or never want you to leave. Sometimes both opinions show up at the same time. You just can’t win.

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