This Gastown loft redesign might inspire your future renos (PHOTOS)

Sep 18 2019, 10:05 am

Many homebuyers have difficulty seeing past the current state of a property and visualizing what it could look like after some simple adjustments.

This could be as simple as having the property cleaned up and cleared out, then undergoing minor cosmetic alterations, like new paint or flooring. On the other hand, it could include a complete gut job and an extensive structural renovation.

It’s easier to visualize how a space will look when you see ‘before and after’ examples. And to help homebuyers improve on this ability, we’ve teamed up with real estate expert, Shawn Brown of West Haven Group, to profile a great example.

This property is a loft in Gastown that’s currently listed at $649,000.

The designs presented below, including the designer and contractor fee, would total $75,000 to fully execute. It would be a completely hands-off renovation, and keys would be provided to the homeowner once the project is complete, making it ideal for a busy professional who has zero time to be involved.

403-28 Powell Street

403-28 Powell Street/West Haven Group

This open-concept loft was built in 1995 and covers 790 st. ft. with 10 ft. ceilings. It comes with one parking space, one storage locker, a large outdoor space, in-suite laundry, and city views. The building, Powell Lane, is located kitty-corner to ‘Local’ which makes it a central Gastown location.

403-28 Powell Street/West Haven Group

403-28 Powell Street/West Haven Group

403-28 Powell Street/West Haven Group

403-28 Powell Street/West Haven Group


While many loft enthusiasts love a completely open space, the design by West Haven Group presents a plan for creating a private bedroom and sleeping space. Here, smoked glass panels are used to create the bedroom, but in a unique and sleek way that maintains the flow of the space.

Note: this bedroom space is designed to comfortably fit a queen-sized bed plus two side tables.

Kitchen and dining:

403-28 Powell Street/West Haven Group

To control costs, West Haven Group was able to come up with a new kitchen and dining area design without changing the layout.

The new cabinetry would extend up to the high ceilings, meant to draw the eye upward and emphasize the room’s height. The finishings are chosen to achieve a balance between industrial and elegant, much like a luxury New York City loft. The two-tone cabinetry includes a warm wood tone to make the space feel cozy. The countertop, in contrast, is a stone with a polished concrete-look finish.

The dining area would be spacious and comfortably seat six to eight people, which is rare for a loft. Designers at West Haven Group have thought up a customized mirror design which would make the space feel even wider than it is.

Living room:

403-28 Powell Street/West Haven Group

The living room already works well as it is. The built-in cabinetry wall would remain, but it would be repainted in a grey tone to correspond to the kitchen cabinetry and other elements in the space.


The bathroom in this space is quite large, so this provides an opportunity to design a space with impact. The design is high-end hotel-inspired, with fully tiled walls all around, including a Chevron-design feature wall in the combined shower and bath area. The floating vanity includes a custom mirror and shelving system that extends right up to the ceiling to maximize available storage.

Brown hopes the photos, 3D renderings, and video help aspiring buyers visualize the potential of this home, as well as future properties.

For more information and to get the latest real estate updates, check out Shawn Brown on FacebookLinkedInInstagram, and YouTube.

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