Lawsuit alleges Shaw gave Cantonese and Mandarin speakers better deals

Aug 29 2018, 9:11 pm

Shaw Communications Inc. and Shaw Cablesystems GP are being sued by a former customer service representative who claims she was terminated without notice and was forced to provide customers who spoke Cantonese and Mandarin better deals.

According to a civil claim filed in the BC Supreme Court on August 15, former Shaw employee Kwok Bo Daisy Halliday said she was hired as a “multi-cultural customer service representative” in February 2018 but was terminated nearly three months later in May.

Halliday claims that she was forced to participate in an “unlawful discriminatory pricing scheme” and had to give Canontese and Mandarin speakers cheaper deals than those who did not speak the languages.

According to the claim, the Unlawful Discriminatory Pricing Scheme “violates consumer protection laws as well as societal mores.”

“Forcing the Plaintiff to foist this upon consumers represents a marked departure from the type of workplace Canadians should feel entitled to and warrants the rebuke of this court in the form of an award of punitive damages.”

The claim states that Halliday is “entitled to damages to make her whole for having been deprived of reasonable notice.”

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