Shaw just used their fastest internet to send travellers on a VR-cation

Oct 9 2018, 6:05 pm

The experience of flying is… well, not great. But it’s always getting better. Remember when we all used to watch the same movie on a projector at the front of a plane? Now we’ve got in-flight WiFi and personal tablets. Yup, we’ve come a long way in a short time.

But travellers waiting for their flight at YLW were recently offered an even more high-tech way to travel (sort of): Virtual Reality.

Using the super-fast Shaw Internet 300 machine, they were transported directly to their destination, where they experienced high-speed activities like seadooing around downtown Vancouver, bobsledding in Calgary, and mountain biking in Edmonton.

Shaw’s “Speedy Arrivals” machine scanned boarding passes to output a virtual reality headset that instantly transported fliers to their destination.

Outside of being fun action-packed slices of some of the coolest things to do across the country, Shaw’s mini VRcation came with one final twist.

After taking off their headset, the travellers were given free passes to try those same activities for real in their destination cities.

The one-day airport experience promoted Shaw’s fastest Internet ever, Internet 300.

Check out more about Internet 300 at

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