You can get a personal training session for $33.13 (and 100% goes to charity)

Oct 26 2018, 1:28 am

It’s finally happened: Vancouver’s cold and rainy weather has set in, and now all you can think about is going home each night to curl up on your sofa and marathon another series on Netflix. We get you.

But just because the weather is crushing your desire to do anything doesn’t mean you’ve got to suffer through the season and fall behind your health and wellness goals.

If you need a firm (yet fair) push to get on the right fitness track, there’s a tried-and-true way to make it happen: Personal training. We spoke with David Turnbull, owner of TurnFit Personal Trainers, to find how even one PT session at his gym can help Vancouverites.

One year ago, Turnbull’s mother successfully went through heart surgery, and today he’s giving back to a great cause in honour of that achievement. If you visit TurnFit right now, your first session will cost just $33.13 (plus tax) and benefits the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

What your first visit looks like

If you’ve ever been put off the idea of personal training because you imagined it being intimidating, please forget that. TurnFit is the complete opposite, offering a professional yet down-to-earth service.

In your first visit, you’ll be treated to a full 24-point muscle quality test, and you’ll discuss your goals with your personal trainer and Turnbull. “We check for muscle imbalances from side-to-side and front-to-back. This along with your goals gives us a very good understanding of what you need and how we can help you.”

If the team sees areas you need to fix they’ll take you onto the gym floor to show you how to perform the exercises needed for you to improve. Once you understand what you’re doing, they’ll send you a video with instructions on how to improve.

In this first visit, you’ll be interviewing the TurnFit team, and they’ll be interviewing you. They only work with people who really want to change their life and give very easy homework to get you maximum results.

You’ll sit down and decide if you want to work together at the end of the session, and you’ll have the tools you need for the rest of your life on your smartphone — from exercises, to recipes, goal planning, meal planning, and more.

Achieving your fitness goals

Turnfit won’t just take you on as a client if you’re not serious about your homework because they’re focused more on achieving results than taking peoples money.

“Most women are scared of putting on bulky muscle and we always reassure them that if it was easy to put on big muscle then almost every guy would be jacked like Arnold or the Rock as its most guys dreams. That being said, if you do start putting on more muscle size then you would like it is very easy to fix.

“We like to standardize weekly or monthly photos to measure progress and the initial scan that we do we do every three months and this will graph all the data and you will see visually how strong you are getting.”

Turnbull explains how the TurnFit team like to take away any tools that will demoralize you. “We usually say no more scale.” They also offer free online support groups you can join (whether you’re a client or not).

“We support women on all levels, both online and in-person and help them achieve their next level of health and happiness. We do this through structured custom programs that maximize your time spent on yourself – you put in the minimum amount time for maximum results.”

Apply to join TurnFit’s free community support groups here. You’ll be joining the TurnFit team as they continue to learn, evolve, and shape what comes from their mission in creating a happier, healthier you. This includes everything from posting recipes to how to videos, motivation-related posts, and Q&A challenges.

Visit TurnFit for more information, to read the TurnFit blog, and sign up today.

TurnFit Personal Trainers

Where: 3313 West Broadway
Phone: 778-887-0660

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