Seabus surfing teens arrested for mischief in North Vancouver

Oct 5 2016, 6:40 pm

Two teenagers were caught taking a shortcut to Vancouver on Friday night, when they decided to ride the waves atop a Seabus from the North Shore.

North Vancouver Police were called around 7 pm after a TransLink attendant spotted the two 14-year-olds on the outside of the platform area.

The boys had jumped onto the Seabus at Lonsdale Quay to hitch a free ride back to Vancouver, but the boat turned around once alerted to their hijinks.

Cpl. Richard De Jong told Daily Hive the pair were arrested for mischief, before their parents were called to come and pick them up. Now police are recommending charges of mischief, with the option of diversion, so the boys get restorative justice and avoid a criminal record.

“It could have been disastrous if they had slipped off and then you’re in the cold water with all those other boats around,” said De Jong. “They were lucky they got caught.”

Chris Bryan at TransLink said the last time this happened was about 15 years ago – and back then the Seabus surfers were spotted before the vessel even left the dock.