Say goodbye to USA roaming fees for spring break

Dec 19 2017, 10:16 pm

We’ve all come back from a vacation, reluctant to look at our phone bill after using roaming services across the border. The average traveler either doesn’t use their phone or has to deal with unnecessary roaming fees. If you’ve experienced this, then Roam Mobility is the answer.


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Roam Mobility, a Vancouver-based company, offers affordable roaming for Canadians travelling to the U.S. You can get unlimited talk, text and data for just $3.95 per day. That includes free calls back to Canada plus high-speed LTE data for your smartphone. Roam also has data-only plans for tablets, and even plans for travellers to Mexico.

There are no overage fees, so you don’t need to worry about counting minutes or megabytes, or paying more than what the plan costs. Sounds too good to be true, right?


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Getting started is really simple. All you need is a Roam Mobility SIM card for your unlocked phone. You can get a SIM card from Roam’s website – they offer free shipping in Canada.

When you get your SIM card, activate it on the Roam website. That’s when you get your own US phone number. Then you choose a plan, enter the number of days you’re travelling for and schedule the plan to start whenever you arrive in the U.S. Easy!

Roam is also running a spring break promotion for new customers – save 25% on your first plan for up to a maximum of seven days. Offer ends April 10, 2015. Visit their website at for details.


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