Save the Waldorf rally today

Oct 23 2016, 6:22 pm

Update: Vancouver  City council unanimously voted to place a temp protection order on the Waldorf Hotel. What this means is the building will not be demolished in the next 120 days. However, the fate of the programming at The Waldorf still remain up in the air. The fact that the operators couldn’t pay rent is still a key issues as to the viability of The Waldorf as the cultural beacon that it is/was.

The city is moving a motion on today about the Waldorf. If you want the Waldorf Productions creative team to stay now is your chance. If you want the building preserved, now is your chance. Call on Solterra to Save The Waldorf and let city hall no how important it is to retain it.

From the Facebook page:

NO FUN CITY? Not really. In fact, we know how much fun this city can be. The community that has been consistently supporting the Waldorf (and every other independent venue that we’ve lost) proves that. Solterra has no idea how much fun we’ve been having.

We’re tired of our cultural heritage being swallowed, chewed up, spit out, and then sold back to us. Enough is enough. A sustainable and viable economy does not exist in a hegemonic cultural wasteland. The creative team at the Waldorf has had the vision and the balls to put on the craziest parties, take chances on new artists, and bring together under one starry, palm-tree lined roof the widest cross-section of the city’s people this side of East Van has ever seen.

Development happens, condos in and of themselves are not evil. The conversation is complex. But Solterra is not the type of developer we want in this city. They have it within their power to keep the Creative Team at the Waldorf and allow them to continue their programming, but they are continuing to refuse to speak to them and work together with the City to a find a solution. The City is supportive of this – but so far, all Solterra has done is make empty promises. This is not good enough; let’s bring them to the table and into the conversation. Let’s make them put their money where their mouth is.

As citizens of this city who are interested in a vibrant arts scene, we need to show that what we want is for the Waldorf creative team to stay. Sure, Solterra owns the place. But we are not interested in what they are selling, and Tuesday is the time to tell them so.

There is a much wider conversation that was already going on, and it doesn’t end here. So join with us on Tuesday to show that you, too want to be a part of the solution.

Save the Waldorf Group

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Rally For The Waldorf

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

12pm at Vancouver City Hall (12th and Cambie)

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