Save-on-Meats sign stolen! Identify these guys!

Dec 19 2017, 3:15 pm

There are a few worse things than people who beat up seal pups (yes, true story reported today by The Province). But something that is equally as bad are the bandits that stole the Save-on-Meats sign. Locals know that Save-On-Meats is more than a butcher shop/restaurant. It represents good, peace and is a little glimmer of hope in a struggling neighbourhood.

So what to do? Vancouver: we need your help in identifying these guys.


Obviously, it’s hard to tell with these masks on but the bandit at the top looks like a male and I could be wrong but the other perpetrator has feminine eyes.

A few words from owner Mark Brand:

These anarchists stole our sign. Yes I’m serious. They won’t stop until the capitalists leave the neighbourhood. I’m serious. They will be embarking on a mission to close save on meats. I’m serious. Japanese peace pose. They’re serious. In all seriousness this sign is a real heart felt piece for the people who work with us. It makes them really sad that people would steal it and disrespect their living. Therefore making me upset. Help me find it and spread the word fast. I’m serious.

Please share any ideas/comments/concerns you have at the comment section below.


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