Ryan Reynolds donated to #SaveTheRio and wants you to too

Mar 13 2018, 12:26 am

Vancouver-raised, Hollywood actor Ryan Reynolds is the latest celebrity to voice his support of the #SaveTheRio campaign.

In a tweet, the Deadpool actor called the East Vancouver venue “legendary,” before adding that he plans “to be buried there.”

The Rio also confirmed via Twitter that Reynolds had gone beyond just voicing his support and had indeed donated to the campaign.

Reynolds’ tweet comes on the heels of director Kevin Smith’s tweets of support.

Smith was even scheduled to do a benefit show for The Rio later this month, but the status of that show is now in question, after Smith suffered a heart attack, which he is currently recovering from.

Back in February, the theatre’s operators launched a petition to try and drum up enough support to buy the building and save it from potential redevelopment.

In the petition, the theatre’s primary operator, Corinne Lea, says the venue’s operators are preparing an offer to buy the building.

“We need your help fast,” the petition states. “We need to collect as many signatures as possible to demonstrate the community’s support in saving the existing, historical, art-deco venue that we know and love.”

While the City of Vancouver “has made provisions that a developer would have to include a ‘movie theatre’ in a new building, this does not ensure the same size, or that it would have live performance space,” the petition reads.

And although the theatre’s operators currently have an eight-year lease on the the building, “there would likely be pressure from a new developer to shorten this term.”

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