Rumors, rumors, and more rumors

Dec 19 2017, 1:27 pm

With the NBA trade deadline looming and NBA GM’s make there last ditch effort to add that winning piece to the puzzle for an NBA Championship, I’ll give you the lowdown who could be traded and who will be staying! 

If Dwight Howard is planning to leave the Sunshine State, the Magic are making it very hard for him to leave.  With only a few weeks left to make a trade that might convince the self proclaimed Superman to stay, Orlando is reportedly making the moves necessary to convince the league’s best big man that he can reach all of his goals in a magic uniform.  Orlando right now is trying to pursue deals to surround Howard with talent to compete with the Heat and Bulls for the top spot in the eastern conference.

Howard has long mentioned Monta Ellis, who is currently the seventh leading scorer in the league with 22.2 ppg, as someone he’d like to play with.   The Warriors are willing to listen, but aren’t considering to pull the trigger on any deal right now as the Magic have nothing that appeals to them currently.  According to sources, Howard would also like to see everyone’s favourite Canadian basketball player Steve Nash in the sunshine state, in a magic uniform.   The Victoria native is in the final year of his contract and plenty of teams will be raiding the Phoenix Sun’s phone in the days leading up to March 15 for his services. So in my opinion, if the Magic don’t get anything done leading up to March 15th, don’t expect to see Dwight Howard in a Magic Uniform next season.

In other rumours, the old boys club in Boston are again trying to shop Rajon Rondo in hopes to get someone better (like you can get someone better then Rondo right?).  Rumors have it, that the Celtics are currently talking to Golden State, and possibly luring young phenom Stephen Curry to the Celtics.  But what the Celtics really need to do is start rebuilding. At the end of this season, veterans Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen, who were both key parts to their NBA Championship victory in 2008 and their conference title win in 2010 will be free agents, and probably will probably be one of the many sought after Free Agents in the offseason.  Do I believe Rondo will be going anywhere? No. I think he will stay in Boston, Danny Ainge, in my opinion should build that team around Rondo, and he’s got a bright future playing for the Celtics, I believe he can also lead the team to another NBA Championship.

Deron Williams has also been talked about being traded somewhere this season.  D-Will hasn’t ever been thrilled playing for the Nets since he was a part of that blockbuster deal that sent Williams from the Jazz to the Nets in 2011.  Dallas is currently the front runner for the services of Williams, and a deal could possibly happen at the deadline if it’s right for both teams.

One scenario has made many eyes widened at the thought would be Dwight Howard and Williams joining forces somewhere (either Dallas or Brooklyn), with some creative work needed to be done before the deadline or the summer. Could Deron and Dwight join forces somewhere? Yes it could happen, I mean why not? It’s worked for the Heat (sorta), it’s definitely worked for the Lakers and Celtics, so why not?

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