Romantic teas for your Valentine

Love is in the air. You can see it, feel it, and oh yes, you can drink it. So how about steeping some love-infused tea this Valentine’s Day? We’ve chosen some of the most romantic and sensually enticing teas that will show your Valentine you’ve got love on your mind.

Tea is an excellent gift and is a great alternative to the traditional box of chocolates. For you guys out there who want to impress a girl, we love tea, and you will be praised as that sophisticated gentleman with good taste. Best of all, it’s something you and your Valentine can share and enjoy together.

Some of these teas simply have romantic names, some have sensual ingredients like flowers and chocolate, and some have a romantic story behind them. Oh, and one has a special ingredient that has aphrodisiacal properties (*wink wink*). Enjoy these steeped love concoctions with that special someone you’ve been eyeing since last year. There’s nothing like a shared pot of tea that says, “I want to spend time  and be with you.” Show and feel some passion this Valentine’s Day with these delectable teas.

Love tea #7


This tea may be the closest you get to that feeling when you catch your lover’s eyes. That split second when time seems to move through molasses. Close your eyes and sip this seductive black tea with chocolate, strawberries, and real rose petals. Who knows, your secret Valentine may be there when you open them. Drink this tea and you’ll be lucky in love. $6.50 per 50 grams. Purchase at DAVIDsTEA.

Fantasy Island


Are you ready to fall in love? This seductively sexy black tea will sweep you off you feet with warming coconut and sweet raspberries. Indulge in your fantasies, while your special someone whispers sweet nothings in your ear. $6.75 per 50 grams. Purchase at DAVIDsTEA.

Dragon Pearls 


Wanting to give the ultimate gift of love? This elegant jasmine infused green tea is the epitome of true love, which dates back over 1300 years ago. According to legend, a Chinese emperor wanted to offer an original gift of love to his mistress and had the green tea leaves scented with jasmine and hand rolled individually. Tell your valentine this story as this lovely tea steeps and unfurls feelings of passion and love. $6.75 per 25 grams. Purchase at DAVIDsTEA.

Ginseng Oolong


Ginseng is known as a natural aphrodisiac for both men and women. Who knows what sorts of shenanigans will occur with this real-life love concoction. It’s intriguingly sweet and is quite a romantic gesture if you’re discreet. $7.50 per 50 grams. Purchase at DAVIDsTEA.

Amour de the

The Urban Tea Merchant

This sensual TWG Tea Darjeeling is blended with delicate rose blossoms and leaves of pure gold. An enchanting potion that will have you saying Je t’aime. $19.50 per 25 grams. Purchase at The Urban Tea Merchant.

Love me tea

The Urban Tea Merchant

This engaging love potion of fine green tea is delicately enhanced by an armful of fragrant lime blossoms and verbena. A charming adventure of the senses that can be explored with your significant other.  $9 per 50 grams. Purchase at The Urban Tea Merchant.

First Kiss

The Urban Tea Merchant

Beautiful white tea leaves are handcrafted into a bouquet of hibiscus and amaranth blossoms. A sweet and enchanting TWG Tea creation. And it could lead to your first kiss with that special someone. $32 per 50 grams. Purchase at The Urban Tea Merchant.

Valentine Breakfast Tea

The Urban Tea Merchant

As sweet and enveloping as love itself, this TWG black tea of romance weds fresh, ripe fruits and silver pearls that bead the soft amber infusion like luminous tears of joy. A lingering and aromatic tea to awaken desires. $11 per 50 grams. Purchase at The Urban Tea Merchant.



Featured image: BHMpics