Robson Square Ice Rink Closed This Year!?

Dec 19 2017, 12:36 pm

Image: Raggedy13
Despite the fact that it’s buried beneath street level the Robson Square Ice Rink was a smashing success last year (see all the wonderful people having a great time here). It quickly became a winter tourist attraction for locals and foreigners alike. So when I heard that Robson Square may not re-open this year I was a little annoyed. Seriously, after one year it’s already having funding issues? Use some of that HST money Gordo and make it happen!

Last year General Electric stepped up and decided to sponsor and maintain the rink, obviously the benefits of Olympic exposure necessitated that move. However, that contract expired after the Paralympics and the government is looking for a new funding partner. Hello Telus, little help? We know you lost out to the naming rights of Rogers Arena, how about you take a stab at smaller ice surface?

Robson Square as a location has all the potential in the world, however, in its current form it needs an attraction below street level to liven it up. The rink is that attraction. When the square was built, it was built in anticipation of an underground subway station in Robson Square and thus an eventual hub of pedestrian activity. However, that never came to a fruition and will now likely never happen. Many have tried to remedy the shortfalls of Robson Square (it’s currently under renovations again! Click here to see reno info), in all seriousness it may be time to demolish and rethink the square.

Oh and lets bring back the zip line too!

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