Mythical creatures are hidden in this Vancouver area park (PHOTOS)

Jan 18 2021, 10:08 pm

Mythical creatures have taken up residence in a forest just outside of Vancouver.

Artist Nickie Lewis creates fantastical sculptures out of twigs and twine, and has spent the last year placing them throughout Robert Burnaby Park.

Her creations range from a giant dragon, guarding its eggs amongst some trees, to a couple of Ewoks that play “hide and seek,” moving about the forest.

There’s a sleeping fairy, a non-binary unicorn, and a designated forest guardian.

A 25-foot troll took her more than 30 hours to complete.

The natural sculptures blend seamlessly into the forest – if you weren’t looking for them you may not even know they were there. Luckily, Lewis has created a map that shows curious visitors where the sculptures can be found.

According to her Instagram page, Lewis was inspired to create the forest sculptures after COVID-19 shut down the events she regularly exhibited her artwork at.

“With Covid throwing a wrench into the festivals where we can display our art, I have headed into the forest to create a large natural sculpture,” she wrote.

“I have only used 2 screws, as I challenged myself not to use materials that don’t belong in nature. FYI lashing branches together is tough!”

In addition to her Robert Burnaby Park installations, Lewis a designer and co-owner at The Wizards Makery, through which she creates custom twig and twine sculptures.

“We are excited to see where our creations will end up,” the website reads.

“The adventures they will go on, and the people they will meet.”

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