RIP Slickity Jim's

Dec 19 2017, 11:56 am


Vancouver foodies are still coming to grips with the loss of one this city’s hidden gems, Slickity Jim’s (to The Province writer please learn how to spell the name), which was destroyed in yesterday’s massive fire on Main Street. I’m sure that Slickity Jim’s will be reincarnated and find a new home in Vancouver again, hopefully in the Mount Pleasant area. It truly was an institution and the best place to go to for breakfast, I remember many days it was my choice for my hangover blues.

In the mean time here are some of the testimonials and the story behind Slickity Jim’s over the years.
Posted by Anonymous Breakfast Lover on

It’s friendly, funky, and foodalicious. The meals are really a cut above, especially considering the price. I have enjoyed every breakfast at Slickity Jim’s, and will go back for many more!

Posted by another Anonymous on

Those gals at Slickity’s make a hangover less than excruciating. Gently guiding one through the chaos, they seem to really care about each and every customer’s experience. Hasn’t everyone fallen in love with their breakfast waitress atleast once?
Food’s fresh and unpretentious. The surroundings give everyone something to talk about if your struggling for conversation. Ole!

Posted by Michael T on

The decor will appeal to the unpretentious.
The menu will appeal to those with a sense of humor.
The pace will appeal to those without a great deal to do today.

Best eggs Benedict the world over:  Prosciutto,  gorgonzola & hollandaise sauce made from scratch.

Slickity Jim’s = Breakfast Heaven.

I could go on and on and quote more praise for Slickity Jim’s. I can’t believe all this time on The Buzz and I didn’t give that place it’s due. Well when it comes back *cross fingers* I’ll let all of Vancity know!

In the mean time here is the story behind Slickity Jim’s as told by Slickity Jim himself.

A little know fact as to who Slickity Jim is or was.Well as the story goes (and keep in mind the story changes as I remember it .So there is no real truth here just a story. The long and short of it is he was abducted by aliens .Traveled across the country .On a push scooter ,wearing a gingham shirt and coloured striped pant’s .The tassels on the end of the handlebars a must.Without drawing out the conclusion. He traveled the country looking for a breakfast place .He found the down and dirty digs at Powell and Victoria to ply his craft
Et voila!

RIP Slickity Jim’s until we meet next time at your new location!

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