Advocates say rideshare driver approval will cost more and take longer in BC

Jul 12 2019, 12:50 am

On Monday, the BC government officially announced it will open the door to allow rideshare companies to apply for operation in BC under to the Passenger Transportation Board by this September.

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Speaking about the announcement, North Vancouver-Lonsdale MLA Bowinn Ma said the regulations “do not determine, supply, boundaries, and fare rates charged to passengers.”

Instead, they focus on providing a “framework for interested ride-hail companies so that they know what to expect in advance of applying to the board,” said Ma.

Now, a BC rideshare advocacy group says the new regulations mean it will take potential rideshare drivers longer and cost them more to be approved than in other cities.

“The driver regulations create unnecessary costs for British Columbians who want to earn money working for a ridesharing company,” said Ridesharing Now for BC.

The regulations, the group said, “are going to cost drivers hundreds of dollars and take months longer to get approvals than in comparable cities.”

This could potentially result in fewer drivers on the road, which in turn could mean “it will be harder for companies to operate in suburbs and outside the city of Vancouver, if at all.”

Ridesharing Now for BC

The group said its findings are based on the assumption the driver has a standard passenger vehicle driver licence. Costs for Metro Vancouver incorporate the province’s estimates for vehicle inspections, class 4 and medical testing (excluding any class 4 training
course), and a VPD in-person background check.

Costs for Seattle and Toronto are based upon publicly available information for vehicle inspections.

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