Ride Cycle Club Opens in Vancouver

Dec 19 2017, 8:22 pm

Ashley Ander, J.J. and Shannon Wilson (founders of Kit and Ace) and Moe Samieian Jr. (Moe’s Home Collection) have come together to establish RIDE Cycle Club.

RIDE is a fifty-five minute full body workout designed to strengthen your body and mind. In addition to the intense cardio aspect, each RIDE tones your core, arms, back, butt and legs through a series of small movements on the bike that add to dimension to your workout. RIDE classes move with the rhythm of the music. Each instructor sets their own unique playlist, keeping your mind inspired and your body challenged. Each class finishes with a one-minute meditation to clear your mind.

“I returned to Vancouver five years ago after living in New York City. While in New York, I fell in love with the spin culture that was growing. After five years of being home and teaching spin at several studios around Vancouver, my long-term dream of opening my own studio is finally turning into a reality.

RIDE is the cool, fun studio where everyone feels like a part of the club. When you’re riding the lights are off, the candles are glowing and you get consumed in the power of the music and movement of the riders surrounding you. We are creating an inside-out experience – one where you get to dig into your emotions and also reap the physical benefits of the workout. Close your eyes, ride side-to side, listen to your favourite tracks and let the outside world go, RIDE vs. the World.

I am so thrilled to be working with JJ, Shannon, and Moe as we build a unique indoor cycling studio in Vancouver,” says Ashley Ander 

“Ashley and I have been talking about doing RIDE Cycle Club for over two years. Just six months ago, the timing became right and we decided to start RIDE. Spinning is something that both Shannon and I are very passionate about. We’re very excited to be working with Ashley and Moe on this project and we have big plans for the future of Ride Cycle Cub,” says J.J. Wilson

Ride Cycle Club

RIDE Cycle Club opened its doors late September at 811 Hamilton Street in Yaletown. RIDE’s opening schedule will include two morning and two evening classes Monday through Friday and two morning classes Saturday and Sunday. There are thirty bikes available per class and the studio has facilities for men and women, complete with showers, lockers and a filtered water station. There is also complimentary shoe and towel service.

RIDE has fourteen instructors that have been training for over three months in our UNDRGRND location in Gastown. Each instructor has a very unique personality and taste in music to appeal to everyone that enters the club.



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