Richmond Night Market at River Rock Casino

Dec 19 2017, 7:48 am

Summer brings many things to Vancouver like heat, sun, beach sports and the Night Market! Vancouver has a few different night markets, two in Richmond, one in Chinatown and the most recent one in North Vancouver. The one next to River Rock Casino is the larger of the two in Richmond and not only has food and shops, but live shows and games.

This year, the River Rock Night Market resembles the PNE and they have definitely stepped it up since last year when it first started. Luckily, the parking is free, but there is a two dollar charge to get in. Once you walk in, there is a large stage to the right and to the left there is shopping. If you are a fan of Hello Kitty, this night market is the place to go.

With all the Hello Kitty merchandise and the endless cell phone accessory places, it is almost hard to notice anything else. However, there is much more than just cell phone cases and Hello Kitty. You can buy clothes, household accessories, jewellery and even samurai swords! It is all at low prices too, but if you know how to bargain you could even save a few bucks on some things.

There is a variety of Asian cuisine as well! There were no rice burgers this year, which was rather disappointing, but there is so much to try and enjoy. The only downside is that it gets rather crowded, so I don’t recommend walking around with any food that could be messy. There are benches and tables set up all around the food area so there are many places to sit and enjoy the delicious foods that are offered, including a food truck that serves up deep fried desserts!

Overall, the Night Market by River Rock Casino has so far been my favourite out of all of them since it opened last year. Stay tuned for feedback on the other Night Markets, as I will be visiting every one this summer!

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