Richmond Learns To Park: classic parking fails compiled (PHOTOS)

Dec 19 2017, 10:48 am

Richmond residents are photographing poorly-parked cars around the city and submitting them to a compilation Facebook page, appropriately named “Richmond Learns to Park.”

Created just over a month ago, the page already has close to 4,000 likes.

Check it out here and see below for our favourites:

There wasn’t enough space.

Richmond Car Parking

At least the driver parked straight / It’s a free for all.

Richmond Car Parking

Make your own parking spot!

Richmond Car Parking

I need my buffer space.

Richmond Car Parking

Zoom zoom.

Richmond Car Parking

In a bit of a hurry?

Richmond Car Parking

How are properly parked cars going to get out?

Richmond Car Parking

There’s ‘space’ here, so why can’t I park here?

Richmond Car Parking

Driven by the Kool-Aid man.


How did I get up here?


… or here?


Multi-property bush parking job.


It’s just a little elevated, it’s still good… it’s still good.


I just don’t care…


What car? I didn’t see any car there…


I really don’t care…


Double fail.


You probably shouldn’t do this at a Richmond parking lot (or any parking lot for that matter).