Richmond driver uses bike lane to pass other cars stopped at intersection (VIDEO)

Jul 26 2019, 7:54 pm

Sure, we all like to save a little bit of time when possible while driving, but a video of a driver in Richmond demonstrates exactly how not to do that.

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The video was shared online by Tiffany Chang, who writes that the incident took place on No. 3 road in Richmond, on July 24.

“In a rush to leave,” she writes.

The video comes a week after another driver tried to carve out their own path in Vancouver, by driving down a set of stairs outside the Sheraton Wall Centre.

And last month, dashcam video captured another driver in Richmond pulling up beside – and passing another vehicle – which sounds normal enough, until you see the driver pulls the whole manoeuvre in the bike lane.

So consider this quick reminder to be careful when driving on Metro Vancouver’s roads this weekend.
Oh, and watch out for bike lanes and staircases as well.