Richmond bans vaping ads on city-owned property

Oct 21 2019, 5:48 pm

A Metro Vancouver municipality has taken a step forward in barring the advertisement of vaping products.

Last Tuesday, the City of Richmond adopted a policy that “opposes the placement of vaping product advertising” on city-owned property, such as transit shelters, benches, and other street furniture.

The report was first introduced by City Solicitor, Anthony Capuccinello Iraqi.

“As the use of vaping products has increased, especially among youth, so have the health concerns,” he says. “Serious concerns have been raised regarding the health risks associated with vaping and the need for a policy opposing the advertising of vaping products which often targets minors and youth.”

He notes that “as many as 18 deaths in the United States have been attributed to lung illness linked to e-cigarettes and other vaping products” and that in Canada, “a 2018 survey found that 21% of teens aged 12 to 19-years-old had used a nicotine-laced vaping product in the past 30 days.”

The policy states that the City of Richmond will oppose “the placement of vaping product advertising on sites and property that the city owns and/or has sufficient control over, including transit shelters, transit benches, and other street furniture.”

Last Wednesday, the provincial government also announced that the first probable case of vaping-related illness was recorded in British Columbia.

Vincent PlanaVincent Plana

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