Return-It Express simplifies how you can recycle your beverage containers

Jun 27 2019, 5:52 am

BC has one of the most efficient recycling systems in Canada — we recycled over one billion beverage containers last year.

But what about all the beverage containers that you just don’t bother taking back to the depot or the store, what about those that don’t even make it into the blue box?  Those beverage containers probably end up in the landfill or worse.

Let’s be honest; does anyone really want to have to deal with a pile of empty (potentially gross), beverage containers and sort them on their day off? That’s a hard no from us.

Thankfully, there’s a new, faster, and easier way to return your drink containers in BC with Return-It Express. The best part? You get rewarded for doing your bit for the environment.


The new service is so simple, saves a lot of time and requires very little effort. You don’t have to deal with sorting through containers or waiting in line — you’re simply in and out.

All you need to remember is your phone number for your account. You simply find the Return-It Express depot near you, tag your bag, and wait for your deposit to be refunded into your online account — which you can then redeem via Interac e-Transfer. That’s all it takes.

Here’s a quick video that breaks down the simple steps for you to follow before you can start:

  1. Sign up for free at
  2. At the depot, use the kiosk monitor to login and print labels for your bags.
  3. Place your bag of beverage containers in the Express drop off area — no sorting is required.
  4. Your work is done! Return-It Express will refund the deposit to your online account.

You can make the whole process even easier for yourself by printing off extra labels and taking them with you. This means that when you’re ready to drop off a bag, you can pre-tag it so you don’t have to log in — just drop it off.

And in addition to the deposit refund, there is a promo going on right now where every container you return using Express counts as a credit towards getting a ‘Return-It Gang’ plush character. You know those cute, bushy eyebrow animated bottles and cans with the grumpy faces. There is; Walter Bottel, Joyce Box, Pete Bottel, OJ Carton, and Al Capican. (We’re going to try and collect them all.)

Characters/Return-It Express

Adulting isn’t always easy, but recycling can be when you use Return-It Express. Check out the recycling service’s website for more information and to see the latest promotions.

When you start using the service, remember to spread the word to your family and friends so that you can all get something back when you recycle your used beverage containers.

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